AC Garnett – My Bones






AC Garnett - My Bones

AC Garnett – My Bones





AC Garnett – My Bones


AC Garnett is a musician from London, England. Although he’s always been musical having played instruments and written his own material from a very young age, due to his problems with anxiety he hadn’t performed in front of anyone at all until his mid-20.


After finally managing to perform he had a large amount of encouragement from friends and family to explore his music. He since fully committed to developing his craft as a songwriter and producer after building a makeshift home studio in a cabin at the end of his friend’s garden. For many months he worked in complete isolation with no phone or internet and supported himself through painting commissions as a portrait artist.


His dream was to compile a body of material with which he could start his own journey in music.


My Bones is the first track …The song explores his relationship to his dream and the mental struggles he’s fought with to confront it.








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