Ameerah Jackson – Superman

Ameerah Jackson – Superman





Age is nothing but a number if you ever listen to the song entitled ‘Superman’ by the gifted vocalist named Ameerah Jackson.


If one listen to the song only without the video one will assume that the vocalist will be in her twenties.


Ameerah is eleven years old from Missouri City.


Her vocal is raw and remarkable.


She is a pianist.


Ameerah is young, gifted and well-focused.


‘Superman’ details the mix of her powerful vocals with a smooth instrument that is so entertaining.


Ameerah writes her songs and creates her melodies from the piano.


The gifted vocalist has been playing the piano since she was 5 years old and has been composing since nine.


She released ‘Superman’ in July 2018 with her video on YouTube as an indie artist.


Ameerah’s parents discovered her passion for music and enrolled her in piano studies when she was five. From there, her passion for music developed.


Seeing how focused she was, Ameerah’s parents linked with local music makers.


“It’s Lucky Run Studio and my producers are Jaytel and Eddie Ferguson,” Ameerah said.


From there, they worked together on streamlining the production…


“I’m making up the chords to my songs and then I’m putting the melody and the words,” Ameerah explained.


Meanwhile, her production unit works their magic.


Ameerah says the song “Superman” is on encouragement to women, letting them know they can do anything.


She’s created a few more songs mastered at the studio.


Her ambition is to drop her debut album.






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