Andreas Kanellos – Esy ki Ego






Andreas Kanellos - Esy ki Ego

Andreas Kanellos – Esy ki Ego




Andreas Kanellos – Esy ki Ego


Andreas Kanellos is a young singer-songwriter from Greece, Lefkada island, who writes pop, dance and pop-rock songs (with lyrics in Greek or English). He is mainly characterized by his melodic ballads and emotional, touching, somewhat intimate way of singing.


His first ballad in Greek “Gia Sena” – “For You” (recorded only with piano at the time) had noticeable response from Greek audience on YouTube, reaching over 100,000 views. Andreas was contacted by several local radio stations of Greece and Germany in 2010 to air the song. Although the ballad had absolutely no promotion or marketing behind it, “Gia Sena” got many positive comments; which was quite unusual for a piano song.


Andreas’ self-written and self-arranged dance song “Esi ki Ego” (“You and Me”) was successful with FM-radio listeners in Russia and Ukraine. The single was twice in Top 40 of “TopHit Audience Choice”. (TopHit is the most powerful airplay chart provider in Russian territory)…






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