Anna Of The North - Thank Me Later

Anna Of The North – Thank Me Later






Artist – Anna Of The North


Song Title – Thank Me Later


Anna Of The North drops a fascinating video for the song entitled ‘Thank Me Later.’


She bewitches her raw vocal.


Set in a sugar-coated dystopian diner where love isn’t what it seems, ‘Thank Me Later’ is an infectious and uplifting soundtrack that plays through the speakers as the most unlikely of romances blooms.


‘Thank Me Later’ is also another tantalizing introduction to the enthralling brand new chapter of Anna of the North.


Following on from her defiant return single ‘Leaning On Myself’, and its follow-up ‘Used To Be’, ‘Thank Me Later’ is an instant classic that celebrates the best of pristine pop with the honest and bold outlook of a woman taking charge of her relationship in the modern age.


“I am super excited about this song. It’s the first song I wrote towards this next record. There are so many songs where girls get objectified and controlled by the powerful and rich frontman, made out to be all sexy and cute. I’m a frontwoman and this is a chance for me to get…”




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