A girls night out takes an unexpected turn when 3 women take a gimp to an abandoned warehouse to live out their S&M fantasies.


Already attracting a great deal of attention from radio in the UK, Audio Force One’s latest single ‘Black Eyes’ provides a fresh take on the pop/alternative-rock genres, with a raunchy S&M themed music video to match.

Audio Force One is the creation of international multi-instrumentalist Tiago. The music video, filmed in Sydney, Australia was created by award winning director Emma Tomelty. The video has already gained global attention, taking first place in the International Independent Film Awards and a further third place in the International Music Video Underground Awards. In a gothic-like development of attitude and transient personality, the video underlines a smooth, dark rendition of rock and alternative film aesthetics.


Long before the release of any original music, Tiago’s unique display of contributory rock had set him on the path for an efficacious musical career. After achieving his first success by winning first place in a European music competition, Tiago went on to play alongside The Black Eyed Peas, Moby, New Order and The Hives, and founded boutique record label Musica Das Esferas (Sound of the Spheres), representing several European acts to a global audience.


With an aim of taking the the music industry in a fresh new direction, ‘Black Eyes’ is an exceptionally vivid track, portraying an uplifting pop-rock tonality with drive and power.


With all lyrics and melody written by Tiago, he also plays every instrument on the track (excluding the drums), Audio Force One truly is the ultimate one-man-band.


Thrusting himself onto a new wave of rock, ‘Black Eyes’ portrays a truly authentic and individual sound, reflective of Tiago’s own vibrant personality. His remarkable ability to create a fully-fledged rock track from the hands of just one musician is one of the many distinct properties that stem from the talents of Audio Force One.


Kicking off a mammoth year ahead, ‘Black Eyes’ is just a small example of the upcoming debut album of energetic pop-rock and emotional ballads, best described as ‘the sound of breaking up and rediscovering life’. This strong, vivacious introduction to Tiago’s artistic rock personality is sure to captivate a demographic of both pop and modern rock fans.


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