Adrian Youngblood, known amongst peers of lyricism as Ayoblud, is a conscious hip hop artist proudly planted with his South Florida roots. With the ambition and determination to stay true to the foundation upon what hip hop was based, Ayoblud continuously provides his listeners with the hunger and passion of real life experiences through potent lyricism. In fear of missing a rhyme of importance, Ayoblud gives you the urge to rewind each track in attempts to catch every phrase and punch line. With a humble, yet confident attitude, Adrian Ayoblud YP Youngblood breeched his way into a world of struggle and love.




Growing up in various regions of South Florida, church was always a factor in his life. This is where he fell in love with drums, piano, melodies and the word choice of music. Watching his mother in the Choir he always hoped for the voice of an angel but as he grew older, something came over him. Ayoblud made a realization that would change not only his mindset but his life as a whole. He found a distinct satisfaction in the wordplay of rappers and poets. So in 2001 he started writing poetry for personal purposes and by the middle of 2005 he traded in the rhyme schemes and limericks in for bars verses and hooks.




Joining his first rap group, Local Circle, his sophomore year of high school he began to find himself being challenged lyrically. Ayoblud was featured on two of the mixtapes distributed under the Local Circle camp. Noticing his progression and crowd reaction, he realized this was something he was destined to do for as long as God willing. During his senior year, rapping became less of a priority and graduating took the place of his pen in paper. He went back to writing poetry to keep his mind stimulated but didn’t release any songs until the summer of 2007. After moving to Tallahassee for college, his rapping career seized to exist. This extinction lasted until someone asked him for a verse in the winter of 2008; it was as if the feeling never left.





















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