Beema Beatz + Chiae – Tricks






Beema Beatz + Chiae - Tricks

Beema Beatz + Chiae – Tricks





Beema Beatz + Chiae – Tricks


Beema Beatz has become a prominent name in Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop production. Because American rap music was becoming saturated with bland content, Beema sought to develop a different skill in music – beat-making. His interest in urban music production began in his teenage years. At this time, he was not really keen on traveling and wasn’t aware of the opportunities outside of his environment. “It was all about going to school, doing my homework, then going out, rapping, and hanging out with my friends. I actually began producing because of a bet that I and my friends did.” Beema says. “Next thing I knew, half of Brooklyn knew about my production skills, and I became a hood celebrity!” Eventually, he started meeting artists from various states and countries to collaborate on music projects.


All in all, Beema Beatz is determined to reshape the sound of modern urban music. Through his melodic string-based instrumentation to hard-hitting 808 drums, he has the talent to change the direction of the music business. Beema states, “I want to help striving artists make hit records, because I love doing it, and I love being part of something special”.


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