Benjamin Ingrosso ‘Dance You Off’

A self-taught musician, Benjamin grew up with melodies. Playing shows all over his home country of Sweden from a very young age, it was always clear to him that he was going to be an artist of some kind – be it a songwriter or performer. Just turned 20 years old, Benjamin’s early influences would come by way of his parents – The Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder all instilling in him a natural ear for melody and that superlative Quincey Jones-era of future pop.

For a couple of years, however, Benjamin decided to focus solely on his songwriting, growing disillusioned with the showbiz side of the industry and briefly considering going full-time as a songwriter. However, following an extended period of time crafting alone in the studio, the young artist signed to TEN Music Group (Icona Pop, Zara Larsson), who convinced him to come back to being a bonafide performer in his own right.

What followed was the kind of vindication you can’t prepare for – his first three singles “Good Lovin’”, “Fall In Love” and “Love You Again”, immediately going gold and platinum respectively; unprecedented hype and now with the release of his latest track “Dance You Off”.

To mention personal maturity in the same sentence as “emerging artist” seems a contradiction, but the simple age that Benjamin started performing puts him on Mickey Mouse Club levels of precocious talent: Benjamin has hit peaks and troughs that belie his age as much as it defines this new direction of slick, R&B pop that echoes the compulsion and melodic artistry of artist like Tom Misch and Isaac Waddington.

With his anticipated debut album set to drop, it’s looking like Benjamin Ingrosso is going to be a name the wider world is going to get used to very soon.















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