Bombface – 53 Rd Ave S

Bombface - 53 Rd Ave S

Bombface – 53 Rd Ave S





Artist name: Bombface



Song title: Five Trey



Album title: 53 Rd Ave S.



Genre: Hip Hop



Bombface – 53 Rd Ave S



“An unfamiliar sound captured my attention. My soul understood the melody, and instantly I wanted more”. That is how Bombface describes the songs that lived in his head before he ever got a chance to record them. “Would these songs sound good if they were tracked?” was a question that piqued his curiosity, and pushed him to one day find the answer.



Bombface’s incarceration kept his curiosity at bay for the better part of eight years. But the day came when parole was granted. He heard a voice through the speaker and instantly smiled. “More was all I could think of”, as if greed had set into his soul. It was time to go get it.



Bombface is a rapper with the ability to produce at the highest level. His verses are content-filled, and littered with lyrics that repeatedly cause ooh’s and aah’s. Wordplay seems to be his recreational activity of choice. The Seattle born rapper is making great music that can climb in to your mind and stay all day…










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