Broadtube Vocal Contest



If the contestant is selected, the instrumentation of the song and lyrics will be sent to the vocalist while the vocalist is also free to come up with his or her instrumentation or sing the song in another style/genre, the final song by the singer will be used to enter the contest

– Song for the contest




The video of the singer singing the song in the studio or post production of the performance will be good for publicity if forwarded with the final song. Male and female vocals are acceptable for the contest.



– The production, performance, creativity and vocal ability will be used as criteria for selecting contestant for this contest.



– 1 Selected Winner – Prize – 50 USD, Blog Placement, Radio Playlist, Video Playlist



– 1 Selected Finalist Prize – 30 USD, Blog Placement, Radio Playlist, Video Playlist



– 1 Selected Semi-Finalist Prize – 20 USD, Blog Placement – Immediate blog placement for all entries while awaiting result. –



Requirement – Bio, Link to YouTube/SoundCloud/MP3 of past work.


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