Pavit Sanghera – You Ran Away

  ARTIST NAME:  Pavit Sanghera   SONG TITLE:  You Ran Away   RELEASE DATE: 15th May 2020   GENRE:  R&B/Soul . . . Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify   Pavit Sanghera is a 21-year-old Singer-Songwriter based in Birmingham.   Her main genres are RnB/Soul and Indian Fusion. She has had a […]


RIDER – Stay

  Artist’s Name:  RIDER   Song Title:  Stay   Website   Twitter   Facebook   Instagram   Spotify   iTunes   Deezer     Tell us your source of inspiration. A lot of it is the kind of music I used to listen to as a child and film music – especially from 80s films. […]


Annabelle’s Curse – Foul Beast

  ARTIST NAME: Annabelle’s Curse   SONG TITLE: Foul Beast   ALBUM TITLE: Vast Oceans   RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2020   GENRE: Indie Rock   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Bandcamp   Spotify   Reverbnation   Website   Granted, when a band opts for a handle like Annabelle’s Curse, it does tend to […]


Louisa Maria – One Lump of Sugar

  ARTIST NAME: Louisa Maria   SONG TITLE: One Lump of Sugar   GENRE: Pop-Electronic   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify   Reverbnation   Website   Best known for her role as a lead vocalist and guitarist in a top power rock trio, Tequila Mockingbird, Louisa Maria hails from one of […]


Cat Marina – Ex Friends + Bad Endings

  ARTIST NAME: Cat Marina   SONG TITLE: Ex Friends + Bad Endings   RELEASE DATE: 8th May 2020   GENRE: Alt-Pop   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter   Spotify   iTunes   After featuring on BLOWSOM’s latest EP with the single ‘Lost In The City’, producer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist Cat Marina steps out into […]


Low Life Lolas – Grime

  ARTIST NAME: Low Life Lolas   SONG TITLE: Grime   ALBUM TITLE: Anchors   RELEASE DATE: May 8, 2020   GENRE: Indie Pop/Rock   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Bandcamp   Spotify   Website   LOW LIFE LOLAS, fronted by songwriter Renée Parr, is a Toronto-based indie-rock quartet whose haunting, bittersweet […]


Ilona Mahieu – Criminal

  ARTIST NAME: Ilona Mahieu   SONG TITLE: Criminal   RELEASE DATE: 15/04/2020   GENRE: Indie Rock   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify   Bandcamp   Website   Tell us about your history. Ilona Mahieu began as a solo project, with me spending years performing acoustic sets at various pubs and […]


FreddeRico – What’s Ur Number?

  ARTIST NAME: FreddeRico   SONG TITLE: What’s Ur Number?   RELEASE DATE: 04/30/2020   GENRE: Pop, R&B, Funk & Hip-Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes     Spotify    Reverbnation   Bandcamp   Website   FreddeRico aka Mr. Global Citizen is a Swedish music artist from Lund and with over 23 years he has created an ongoing musical […]


Abby Sage – Holy Water

  ARTIST NAME: Abby Sage   SONG TITLE: Holy Water   RELEASE DATE: March 26, 2020   GENRE: Indie Pop   Twitter   Instagram   Spotify   iTunes   Tell us how to refine a demo to a mastered song. It helps for me to really sit on something, try out multiple sounds and styles […]


Lucky Iris – Get Ready With Me

  ARTIST NAME:  Lucky Iris   SONG TITLE: Get Ready With Me   ALBUM TITLE: Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home   RELEASE DATE: 25/04/2020   GENRE: Alt-Pop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Spotify     Bandcamp   Hearnow   Lucky Iris are an alt-pop duo who have put […]

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