Bri Green – Be Alright

  Artist Name:  Bri Green   Song Title:  Be Alright   Facebook   Instagram   Twitter   iTunes   Spotify   Debuting her seventh single in the past year, Bri Green prepares to release her latest single “Be Alright” to all streaming platforms on April 8th.   This single is a little bit of a […]


Miss Elm – The Castle

    ARTIST NAME:  Miss Elm   SONG TITLE:  The Castle   RELEASE DATE: 20th November 2019   GENRE:  Pop folk   Facebook   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Amazon   Spotify   Deezer   Bandcamp   Share your biography or press release. Miss Elm; honest, enchanting, entertaining…   Born to a plane-crash-surviving […]


Zoë Ferguson – Medicine

        ARTIST NAME: Zoë Ferguson     SONG TITLE:  Medicine     ALBUM TITLE: Medicine     RELEASE DATE:  October 4th, 2019     GENRE: Pop, Electro Pop     Website     Instagram     Apple Music     iTunes     Amazon     Spotify     Deezer     […]


TAG – Kiss Me

    ARTIST NAME: TAG   SONG TITLE:  Kiss Me   RELEASE DATE: October 18, 2019   GENRE: R&B/Soul   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Apple Music   Spotify   Amazon   Deezer   Elaborate on the song. Covering one of my idol’s songs was not a decision I made lightly. But I knew […]


NevilleSounds – Ending Scene

                      Artist Name:  NevilleSounds   Song Title:  Ending Scene   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Bandcamp   Spotify   NevilleSounds brings to life a brand-new video for the song entitled ‘Ending Scene.’   The lyrics of the songs are deep and Nevillesounds […]


Lola Young – 6 Feet Under

                      Artist Name:  Lola Young   Song Title:  6 Feet Under   Website   Facebook   Instagram   Apple   iTunes   Deezer   Spotify   Amazon   Lola Young unveils a striking music video for the song entitled ‘6 Feet Under.’   Lola bewitches […]


Tom Boy – Nothing to Lose

                      Artist Name:  Tom Boy   Song Title:  Nothing to Lose   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Spotify   Deezer   Amazon   Apple Music   iTunes   Tom Boy brings to light an inspiring song entitled ‘Nothing to Lose.’   ‘Nothing […]


Deno – Lauren

              Deno + JAY1 – Lauren   Follow Deno: Instagram   Twitter   Facebook   Follow JAY1: Instagram   Twitter   Facebook   Spotify   Apple Music   iTunes   Amazon   Deno brings to light another brand new song entitled ‘Lauren’ featuring JAY1.   The song is tuneful […]


Man vs Monkey – Too Rare to Die

                        Artist Name:  Man vs Monkey   Song Title:  Too Rare to Die   Release Date:  10/11/2019   Website   Facebook   Instagram   Spotify   Deezer   Apple Music   iTunes   Will their dreams crack up while “taking pills just that Marshmello […]

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