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Charlie H Russell




Charlie Russell is a self-taught musician / songwriter / arranger / producer; his recordings are intentionally melodic, giving you this highly enjoyable first look.




Charlie H Russell is an independent, Composer / Producer / Musician, with a catalog of 400 plus songs, that cover a wide range of emotions, styles and tempos, from jingles to cues, Swing, Big Band, Latin, Smooth Jazz, R&B, Blues, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Island, Cinematic, some Rock, Country and Classical.   He composes and records about two songs a week, he also creates custom pieces of music for any opportunity or client.




Charlie H Russell born 4/7/1956, with his infectious melodies and inventive arrangements, makes his radio friendly and artistically intriguing, Smooth Jazz, Neo-Soul sound, go-along ways towards establishing his music.




There are moments, of cool soulful grooves, with hip rides in jazz improvisation, and the ripping funk Bass lines, Sax and Horn lines are both, hot and cool.   A one man shop, he plays guitar, bass and keyboards, his keyboard works can make you feel so good, that he may shock you with his electrically charged guitar solos, the sax and horns lines on his recordings, are both powerful and warm. The horns lines are played on his keyboard with a Virtual Instrument patch.   Charlie’s recordings are intentionally melodic.










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