From David Haerle’s upcoming album, Garden Of Edendale, which will be released on June 29, 2018. This video documents the recording session for the song “Finding Natalie”, which took place at Sunset Sound Studio 2, in Los Angeles, CA. Directed by Sabrina Doyle.


Singer-songwriter David Haerle welds guitar-driven rock with a shimmering California sound on his debut full-length album Garden of Edendale, available June 29, 2018 on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and all major retail stores.


This release is a master class in songwriting. Haerle’s evocative lyrics and melodies transform nostalgia into beauty, taking the listener through one man’s life of lost loves, hard lessons, and midlife awakenings. The songs’ arrangements spotlight the talented roster of musicians he’s assembled, and give them room to show their skills. Couple that with his own virtuosic guitar style and the album’s classic California feel, and you have a mature pop-rock record that calls back to the golden days of AOR (album-oriented rock) and the 1970s.


Garden of Edendale refers to the historic name of Haerle’s hometown neighborhood in Los Angeles and provides the setting for many of the songs. Indeed, all the tracks were recorded in Los Angeles at Sunset Sound and Edendale Studio. Garden of Edendale was produced by Haerle, Jose Salazar and Brina Kabler, working with a number of highly sought-after engineers and mixers including Bob Ludwig (Led Zeppelin, Queen, Frank Ocean), Grammy-Award winner Elliot Scheiner (Steely Dan, Foo Fighters, Paul Simon), and David Bianco (Mick Jagger, The Posies, John Hiatt). His band lineup features Luanne Homzy on violin (Vitamin String Quartet).


“I always dreamed of making music, but I think I had to live this record before I could make it,” says Haerle.


Garden of Edendale is a love story: love of Rock ‘N’ Roll, love of incredible people, and love of home.


The song/video Women Make the World Go ‘Round won PBS’ Taste TV‘s Music California Video Award’s Best Lyric and Verse.


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