“I’ve never limited myself to a single genre, instrument, or career. Akin to the wolf, I am stylistically omnivorous.” – David Wolfe, BMI.



David Wolfe is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, born in Winnipeg, Canada. It was there as a child he discovered a love of nature and animals, including his favorite – the wolf. At the age of six, David’s family David Wolfe moved to L.A. It was there, on the West Coast, the sounds of the surf-soaked sixties beckoned him toward a life in the entertainment business. While David left his first paw prints in Manitoba, this “Wolfe’s” tracks would eventually lead around the world.


David Wolfe is humble by nature. However, if you get a chance to visit his studio in rural Oregon and view the photos on the wall, he may talk a bit about his life. As a teenager, his bands opened for A-List artists. Later in his career, he had the opportunity to work with Hollywood legends and in hit television shows. However, for Wolfe, it’s not the places his tracks have been, it’s where they’re going.


“I’m a ‘Wolfe, they’ll eat anything to survive, and I’m a stylistic omnivore,” explains David. Before Wolfe was able to read books, he had learned to read music. His first instrument was the piano, and by the age of twelve David was into the guitar and developing a vocal prowess in the church choir. As a senior David Wolfein high school, he performed live at his senior prom and was the lead guitarist and vocalist for a successful band he had formed, called the Korques. Wolfe enrolled at UCLA and earned a degree in Motion Pictures, Television, and Radio.


In college, David landed opening gigs for notable acts including Sonny & Cher, The Byrds, and The Turtles. “Those performances gave me invaluable experience at a young age,” Wolfe adds. At UCLA, he also worked as a campus DJ, and this allowed him to further add to his ever-expanding knowledge of musical genres. “I was into it all -The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, José Feliciano, The Association … Heck, cue up some ‘Louie, Louie!’ If it sounded good, I listened,” David explains.


During the Vietnam War, Wolfe enlisted in the U.S. Army, which noticed his unique skill set and education in entertainment. He served as an Entertainment Specialist in places such as Alabama and Hawaii. The Army gave him the ability to think fast on stage and do improvisation.


“I worked as a cameraman, had a TV show, and even wrote and acted in a Broadway-style musical,” Wolfe explains. After the war ended, Wolfe continued in the U.S. Army Reserves, working with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network.


After serving his country, Wolfe returned to L.A. and landed a wide-array of David Wolfe jobs in Hollywood with the NBC Television Network. David looks back, “I worked various roles doing everything from being an actor and script consultant to a general assistant for shows like Hollywood Squares, Wheel of Fortune, and actors like Dean Martin and Johnny Carson.” He also worked in movies, appeared as an extra in television shows and composed arrangements and theme songs.


By 1988, the “scent” of Hollywood no longer made sense and the “Wolfe” hit the trail back to nature and to what he knew best, being a one-man-band. He relocated to a place that he felt much more like the forests of Manitoba – rural Oregon. David set up a studio, hired a manager and became serious about writing songs and performing. He tapped his instrument skills and knowledge of production and engineering to successfully book and market himself, long before the digital music revolution.


Over the years, David Wolfe’s styles have run the gamut; from jazz, adult contemporary and rock, all the way to country and even retro pop. His music is sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes poignant and autobiographical – yet The Best of David Wolfe; there are always meaningful storylines. Even new fans, looking at his album titles, can gather there’s a story to be told as they read almost like a sentence; Been There Done That, Jager Shot Love, My Stuff Still Works, and Wolfe’s most recent album – Best of David Wolfe. For 2018 and beyond, David is actively placing music into TV, and film licensing and sync deals through his BMI affiliated publishing company.


David Wolfe can stalk and subsist on the very scent and style of sound. It is his seemingly storybook past that makes his musical tracks so interesting to follow. He can be part of a pack, the leader of one, or exist as that omnivorous loner and one-man-band that howls at the moon. The entertainment business is a “dog-eat-dog” world. Is it no wonder then this “Wolfe” has left his tracks around the world, and almost all the other dogs behind in Hollywood?







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