Deluxe Ft. M – Baby That’s You






Deluxe + M - Baby That's You

Deluxe + M – Baby That’s You





Deluxe + M – Baby That’s You


Six friends, moustaches, big sounds and crazy costumes!Deluxe has established its identity on the music scene with a sound somewhere between electro, hip-hop, funk, soul, and pop, and choreography that is as eccentric as it is contagious. Their first EP created a buzz, with many radio plays and millions of views on YouTube. Everything quickly started connecting starting with their first tour in 2013, the soundtrack of the movie “Les Profs”.




Deluxe + M - Baby That's You

Deluxe + M – Baby That’s You



Deluxe is all about using loads of different instruments and really working each one into the mix. Rhodes, guitar, bass, real horns, you can expect a really complete live music experience when you see them on stage!














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