DEX EXPERIENCE - Don't Underestimate Me

DEX EXPERIENCE – Don’t Underestimate Me






Artist Name: DEX EXPERIENCE + Dawn Tallman


Song Title: Don’t Underestimate Me












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Singer/Songwriter Dex Experience unleashes a powerfully bold, new soulful pop ballad, “Don’t Underestimate Me.”


The song tells the story of the life and struggles of a man who feels imprisoned by the norms that society has placed on him.


“You may think I’m crazy, or just a fool to you/ Baby you don’t know me, I’ve got news for you/ No matter what they make, they won’t get in my way/ Neither judge or jury, will silence what I say” sings Dex as he solidifies the belief in his own self-worth over a flowing and triumphant instrumental.


“Don’t Underestimate Me,” tells the story of an outcast imprisoned by society’s belief system who, finding courage in his own perfection, manages to break free and fulfill his destiny inspiring other humans to follow the light and free themselves from bondage.


Among the outcasts are transgenders, homosexuals, the handicapped, the obese, and people of colour – all considered misfits, all outside the accepted “norms” of society.


Dex’s powerful message, augmented by a supernal angelic presence portrayed by Dawn Tallman, awakens them from their lethargy and transforms despair into hope and perfection.


The Quantum Digital Music-released music video further drives home the point the New York native aims to make of embracing your own imperfections by showing groups of oppressed people, mainly the disabled, obese and members of the LGBTQIA+ communities locked up in cages.


With this groundbreaking song, Dex aims to inspire and empower humans like himself to never give up dreaming and to live life as it was intended to be lived, freely and fearlessly.


Dex adds, “I’m not looking to change the entire world just yet, but if I can be a positive and encouraging influence and bring hope to just a few folks then I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose.


Dex Experience is a newcomer on the pop music scene who surprised the music industry with his first hit single, “Internash”, debuting on Billboard Music’s Top-50 Dance Club singles chart late last year.


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