DJ Knowledge + Myadd + Beyond Beats + Ellie Dubin – Glow In The Dark

DJ Knowledge + Myadd + Beyond Beats + Ellie Dubin – Glow In The Dark






DJ Knowledge stands apart from the masses on a 20-year career of music, passion, and perseverance. His experience and diversity bring energy to every room he plays, no matter what genre he plays. One week he’ll be dropping a bass music set of trap, twerk, and dubstep set alongside global legends, the next he’ll be headlining an underground rave with electro house and big room bangers, and the week after he’ll be in the club playing tech house and progressive.


With an ear for evolving sounds and producers, he loves winding up a crowd across a journey with pounding energy that ebbs and flows with the vibe of the night taking dancers and fans to new heights and depths. His driven mind is also responsible for the music marketing, record label, blog, and event company Columns of Knowledge which has been at the forefront and behind the scenes of thousands of events in the Northeast and beyond. It’s never a slow night; get ready for some fire!















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