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What do you get when you mix up-tempo club beats, jazz notations, the roots of R&B with a slight dash of afro-centric rhythms? You get Distinguished Sounds 787! DS 787, for short, has been performing throughout the country and abroad to the delight of sell-out crowds for the last year or so. Now with their debut CD, entitled “Uniquely Done”, the listening public can own a copy of the magic that transpires when they come together. Brought together by somewhat of a freak occurrence at the baggage claim at LaGuardia Airport, whereas each went to their destination with the others suitcase. After constant contact with the lost baggage department, the airline finally got them together. And they have been making distinguished sounds ever since.



So as to ensure the highest level of success for their debut, DS 787 has made sure that every I is dotted and every T is crossed. As it is their philosophy that an artist has one shot to put their product out there to the masses, if they don’t come right, there is no second chance.



The songs on the CD include some of the work which they’ve been performing live over the last year. If the response that they have been receiving at their live performances is any indication, this CD is bound to be a smash. While many have been unsure as to how best to categorize their music, Distinguished Sounds describes their art form as pure Jazzation.








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