Ella Mar – Porcelain Dolls

Ella Mar – Porcelain Dolls






SONG TITLE: Porcelain Dolls



ALBUM TITLE: Embodimental



RELEASE DATE: 11/11/19



GENRE: Alternative



























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Ella Mar’s debut album “Embodimental”, entirely written and composed by her, is a haunting blend of folk, beat-and-synth-integrated alt-rock, and jazz that intertwines intensity and softness to create Mar’s own intricate emotional world.



Her edgy, aching lyrics are delivered with a tender and soothing voice that spins darkness into gold.



With the aesthetics and formal training of a jazz singer and the cynicism and demeanor of a Generation-Y-indie-musician, she deals fiercely with subjects including depression, PTSD, destructive relationships, and love.



Ella Mar is a 26-year-old Israeli musician Hila Tako. During her mandatory military service, she studied at a branch of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (Manhattan) in Tel Aviv Conservatory, always feeling like a bit of an alien.



In a decisive break from tradition, instead of completing her bachelor studies by singing jazz classics in elegant dresses and heels, she made the decision to grab her guitar(s) and unleash the dark and gifted singer-songwriter she was all along.



In 2016, Mar teamed up with Shahar Elisof, an Israeli producer whose signature ambient sounds, delicate string arrangements, and beats brought new life to Ella Mar’s music. Together, they shaped her debut album, “Embodimental”, released on November 11th, 2019.



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‘Porcelain Dolls’ is the fifth track on my debut album, released on November 11th and produced by my dear musical partner Shahar Elisof.



In this meditative, synth-filled, unusual guitar ballad, I hope to explore contrasts between fragility and power, order and havoc. Picked up and driven by the beat and a rich string arrangement, for me, the song offers an elaborate realm of its own.



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My debut album (including this song) has been released just now on 11/11! It’s called “Embodimental” and it’s available on all digital platforms, go take a breath and have a listen. 🙂



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Thank you, my friends! I share mental illness memes and dank politics on Instagram… @ellamar.music!



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If you happen to be in Tel Aviv next month, I’ll be performing at Cuckoo’s Nest on December 8th 🙂






I’m not safe for you



disobeying is my artform

I pick my battles wisely

and I couldn’t pick you

I couldn’t pick you



It is not my fault

if your pockets are empty

if your poison is as efficient

as the light at the end of the tunnel



Porcelain dolls are meant to sit on the shelf

tell stories to the passing by

count the hours as the years go by



I’ll stir up the waters

in your quiet mind

and I’ll fill up with need

to plot the next war



Porcelain dolls are meant to sit on the shelf

tell stories to the passing by

count the hours as the years go by





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