“Erin Bloomer is a multi-style vocalist that is brilliant. Her ability to blend styles is fascinating while she performs with certainty with her exceptional, pleasing and raw vocal”.

– Broadtube Music Channel



“It’s very rare these days I hear a well-crafted song sung beautifully with deep meaningful lyrics. Much rarer still to hear this from a 15 year old. However that is the case with the very lovely Erin Bloomer. Great music on the way”.

​ – Stuart Epps, Record Producer


Described as having a captivating voice with a mesmerising stage presence to go in-hand. Erin Bloomer has burst on to the stage with experience, confidence and style beyond her mere 15 years of age.



​Born in the south of England, Erin has been singing since she could talk. Her passion for music, dance and performing coupled with her natural song writing and guitar playing abilities makes it so effortless, but what you are seeing and hearing is Erin’s ability to create the sound of tomorrow.

​More is to come from Erin Bloomer.












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