Francesco Luz- Plastic Guru

Francesco Luz- Plastic Guru



ARTIST NAME:  Francesco Luz



SONG TITLE:  Plastic Guru



ALBUM TITLE: Extraordinary Men



RELEASE DATE: November 1st, 2019



GENRE: Rock, Pop












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Francesco Luz:  Vocals, Guitar Solo, Bass, Synth, and Loops



Matteo Palladini:  Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar



Alessandro Inolti:  Drums



Daniele Di Paolo:  Keyboards



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Francesco Luz was born in Rome in 1982. After performing in Italy, Greece, and Australia with the band “Trim,” he decides to dedicate himself to his solo project.



He starts collaborating with the writer Luigi Abramo and Matteo Palladini, producer and guitarist of the progressive band “Heartache.”



In Fall 2019, Francesco releases his first self-produced album “Extraordinary Men,” launched by the single “Plastic Guru.”



“Extraordinary Men” is a heterogeneous album with different musical genres inside, from hard rock to pop, from blues to acoustic ballads.



The video of the single “Plastic Guru,” directed by Ari Takahashi, was awarded as Best Music Video at the New York Film Awards, September 2019 and London Independent Film Awards, September 2019.




Elaborate on the song.

“Plastic Guru” is designed for those who don’t know and are convinced they know. Often so presumptuously as to spread messages of spirituality, mystical teachings via social media. The song is dedicated to them, and even more to their lazy followers. Of course, with irony.




Update us on the latest news pertaining to your music career. My musical career has just begun; New videos, songs, and gigs coming soon!




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Hope you enjoy my music, my guitar, and my little message. My message is to live; being conscious, remain human, use our brain and of course listen to good music!



Discuss your next project.

I’ve already started to think about my next album… 4 songs are almost completed, Yo! =)




Have you ever wondered why

there’s a limit in my sky

and I never find the time for changing’?



if you’re analyzing me

try to be clever and free

for inside my mind

I’m rearranging



o o o oh

do you really feel so wise

with your social network lies?

I would laugh but you’re becoming dangerous



o o o oh

you think that you’re leading crowds

with your thousands clicks of mouse

plastic guru now

I’m growing anxious



a tutorial for your looks

in your tech-room

with no books

reaching orgasms when two more kids follow



o o o oh

turn off your computer, please

now quit spreading this disease

and don’t dare to mention

rights or freedom

plastic guru,

keyboard son



I will fight till you ‘ll be gone

they are dumb

but it’s you that mislead’ em




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