Indigo Waves – Jerry Whiner

Indigo Waves – Jerry Whiner



ARTIST NAME: Indigo Waves



SONG TITLE:  Jerry Whiner



RELEASE DATE: 09/12/2019



GENRE: Indie Rock / Bedroom Pop












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Share your biography or press release.

Indigo Waves is a 4-piece indie rock band from Provo, Utah. We formed in November of 2017 and released our debut album Traveler in June of 2018.



In December 2019 our former lead singer Alec Whitaker left the band due to differing music tastes, and the remaining 4 members decided to stray from the sound of Traveler and approach a more relatable lo-fi vibe/style.



Since our new beginning, we have released two singles entitled “Thanks” and Jerry Whiner” which we recorded at June Audio with Scott Wiley. These songs feature rich synths, chorus drenched guitars, organic drums, and powerful vocals.



Elaborate on the song.

‘Jerry Whiner’ is a song that we wrote about this guy who comes into our workplace often.



He is probably a nice guy, but for like two weeks straight he came into the office and just complained about stuff to us.



The lyrics are about how he probably comes in because he’s lonely, but he’d be less lonely if he stopped complaining all the time! Nice guy though…



Update us on the latest news pertaining to your music career.

Music has been slower than normal lately because of college, but we are grinding when we can.



We have bought so much gear this year (mostly synthesizers) to fill the void, and really are just waiting for a break so we can put down all these ideas we have.



We are playing a show here in Provo at the Velour on November 30th, but that’s pretty much it.



Lots of nice blogs have been writing about this song, however, and we are super grateful :).



Send a message to your fans and supporters.

Hi, fans and supporters. You guys are so cute. Everything we do, we do 4 U.



Discuss your next project.

We are currently working on an EP/Album. Expect to hear the Roland D-50 and Juno 60 quite often.



We have like 15 demos right now, just trying to figure out which ones are going to go all the way. We play half of them live already, so come to a show for a sneak peek.



A few of them are sillier and less serious than our current discography, and so that should be fun. Hopefully, some will make you cry as well.




Lyrics of the Song:

She took my name she took my number



Is that the only thing she needs?



She took my name she took my number



Just call me anytime you need



Do you want to know, why you’re all alone?



Sitting at your home, starring at your phone…




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