Irvine – Breathing

Irvine – Breathing






SONG TITLE: Breathing



ALBUM TITLE: Guiding Pulses



RELEASE DATE: 11 October 2019



GENRE: Indie Rock












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Share your biography or press release.

Irvine is an indie rock band from South Africa with a distinctive sound filling the space between indie and rock, emo and pop, chaotic elation and quiet contemplation.



Having performed across South Africa and the UK, the band has emerged from a hiatus to produce what they think of as their most musically mature work – a collection of heartfelt and emotive songs that tell the story of the meandering musical and personal journey they’ve traveled since releasing their debut album in 2013.



The band is comprised of brothers Bob and Chris Thorpe, who grew up in East London, a beach town on South Africa’s east coast.



It’s their enduring songwriting partnership that has kept their music interesting and appealing, bringing their unique lyrical touch and abstract production style to a powerful rock sound that draws on influences such as Jimmy Eat World, Cold War Kids, Bon Iver and Broken Social Scene to produce songs that are as memorable as they are intricate.



Irvine’s independently released debut album was well-received by both fans and media with their single “The Chase” receiving airplay on radio and television stations across South Africa. The song was also featured in the homepage video for the official website of the Sports Illustrated SA Swimwear edition, as well as on VO5’s Art of Stylin campaign.



Irvine’s previous single “The Illusion of Dreaming” featured as a single on the international compilation Riot on Sunset Vol.17, released across America by Hollywood-based independent rock label 272 Records.



The band’s intense, energetic live show has seen them complete national tours with artists such as Crash Car Burn and Tree63’s John Ellis and perform at South Africa’s National Arts Festival.



Irvine’s new EP, Guiding Pulses, released through German record label FBP Music, sees both a refinement of Irvine’s music to include more indie-folk and synth-infused elements while keeping the catchy choruses, chaotic guitars and moody breakdowns their fans have come to love.



Their latest single “Breathing” with its synth-laden, haunting vocals melded with raw instrumentation and unexpected sonic textures is a perfect example of this new direction.



The first single off Guiding Pulses, “Reflections”, which has gained over 60 000 streams on Spotify, combines an acoustic sensibility with the anthemic choruses that deliver the honesty and defiance that has become the hallmark of Irvine’s sound.



The Guiding Pulses EP was produced by both Chris and Bob, with Bob, an experienced studio engineer, having completed all the engineering, mixing and mastering himself. Such a personal touch means that the production and recording intricacies are part of their musical story, offering surprises and rewards to the attentive listener.



Ahead of their EP launch, Irvine recently released an intriguing new video to accompany their single “Breathing”, following the well-received, dreamy video released for “Reflections” earlier this year.



They will also be touring in South Africa later this year and are planning shows further afield in the near future, so keep an eye on their website for updates.






Elaborate on the song.

“Breathing” is a song about hope and hardship. It came from a place of reflection during struggles with depression and hopelessness.



The song is an encouragement to keep moving forward, keep hoping and keep breathing despite the challenges that may come.



It begins with the dismissive line, “Be still my hope”, which sets the tone in a place of hopelessness where the thoughts of giving up far outweigh the desire to carry on. The verse carries on suggesting that even the time spent hoping for recovery was misspent and fruitless. We are often deceived by hope. Lulled into a false sense that everything will be okay regardless.



“All you had was the best of me”, the second line describes an attitude of defeat, despite our best efforts to hold on. The song goes on to suggest that maybe healing is possible after all.



Hope can never be forced. It’s natural to want to improve, to grow or to heal.



When we can quieten the noise in our heads of all of the thoughts and fears, and simply focus on breathing, then we begin to see that there is always something inside us that desires to move us forward. Breathing is automatic. It’s the easiest thing, and it happens whether we’re conscious of it or not.



Sometimes the hardest thing is to move forward, but to keep breathing is moving forward. It’s still progress. It ends with an anthemic call to let go, simplify and focus on breathing.



Update us on the latest news pertaining to your music career.

After a hiatus, we returned in 2019 to record and release a collection of songs we had been working on since the end of 2018. The EP was picked up by FBP Music and released on 11 October. We did a tour to Cape Town to celebrate the launch and followed this with some shows in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.



Prior to the release of ‘Guiding Pulses’ we put out two music videos filmed at locations in the Eastern Cape central to the history of the band.



We will be releasing a third (lyric) video for our last single from the EP entitled ‘Scraps for The Underdogs’ at the end of November.



Now we’re continuing with local shows to promote the EP as well as Bob doing a few solo acoustic shows in Berlin, Germany during December.



We’ll be doing a tour of the northern parts of South Africa in early 2020 with shows in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban. From there we’re planning to begin work on our next release and focus on a European tour in July.



Send a message to your fans and supporters.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us in some way, whether it’s joining us on social media, listening to our music or coming out to the shows. From those who’ve been following us since the beginning to those to those who have just heard about us recently – we really value your interest in our music.



Bands like us really rely on a core fanbase to keep us going, so hopefully, you’ll continue to enjoy what we do and spread the word about it, and we’ll keep doing our best to bring you music that challenges and inspires.



Discuss your next project.

With the ‘Guiding Pulses’ EP we took a very different approach to how we recorded our first album. We went into the studio with a much looser framework for what we wanted to do as opposed to the very structured approach we took with our debut album.



So, with our next recording, we’ll probably do something different again. There are certain things we like to do to keep a sense of consistency in our music, but we’ve never had a formula that we follow, and hopefully never will.



The ‘Guiding Pulses’ EP was a very personal record, recorded in our hometown where we grew up. So, the music tied in well with the recording in that sense.



Sometimes I suppose the way you record the music is dictated by the musical and lyrical content you want to express.



Our next project will most probably be another EP. We still love the concept of the album, but with the speed at which the industry moves these days, it feels like it just makes more sense to rather put out EP’s and singles.




Be still my hope

All you had was the best of me

Take some time again



Easy as breathing when your thoughts let go

Sometimes our fear it speaks a language nobody knows

Easy as feeling when your hope gives chase

Sometimes these moments pass so swiftly

But all these pieces have their place



Stay out tonight

Daylight comes so slowly sometimes

Hold on tonight



Easy as breathing when you’re thinking

Even if it’s slow

The hardest part is automatic

Not everybody knows

The sun will always rise in the morning

If you’re flying or if you’re crawling

Some things always just keep moving

Ooh ooh…




Oh, fainted heart

When will you begin your beating

Take some time again

Doing what comes so easily



Easy as breathing when you’re thinking

Even if it’s slow

The hardest part is automatic

Not everybody knows

The sun will always rise in the morning

If you’re flying or if you’re crawling

Some things always just keep moving

Everything will take its place



All we hold is all we fear and

All we take in is all we give out again when

All we have is all we hold dear

Then all we let go is easy



Easy as breathing when your thoughts let go

Sometimes our fear it speaks a language nobody knows

Easy as feeling when your hope gives chase

Sometimes these moments pass so swiftly

But all the pieces have their place




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