James Elvidge is having a meaningful and diverse career in music. A highly respected and sought-after master of his instrument, James records and performs with a diverse roster of talent. James is best described as a musical virtuoso not only of drums and percussion but as a song writer and recording artist.
James began playing drums at the age of 12 and graduated from Grove School of Music in 1993. Studying from some of the music industry greats such as Chuck Silverman, Emil Richards, David Garibaldi, Dave Weckel and many others, James’ talents have blossomed into a unique and eclectic blend of musical color.
James is now working on the release of his 3rd album.


An Inland Northwest musician, composer, producer, recording engineer, performer, actor, teacher… Well, perhaps James can best be described as a magician of sorts! With only so many hours in a day and so many days in a year James continues to add higher and higher scores to his accomplishments in all arenas of his life. All things creative inspire James, and his endless passion to grow and experience life to the fullest continues to lead him on this limitless journey of exploration and creative expression. Whether it’s writing, performing, producing, acting, or entertaining in general, to James it’s all about creative expression and actively contributing to the Universe. As an ambient music and electronic music producer James has contributed much with both the music and his drumming.



(Music can be purchased directly from website.)








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