Jay-May - Beyond Love

Jay-May – Beyond Love








Jamie Mayberry better known as Jay-May is a rap artist that creates inspirational music. He aims to inspire, provoke and move listeners towards a better understanding of God and how he speaks to everyday people.




With rap music being the vehicle for this expression, Jay-May hopes to capture the heart and minds of people with catchy, easy music for all to enjoy. From living a reckless life saturated with drugs, crime and violence, to dedicating his life to Christ, raising a family, earning a college degree and committing 20 years to his country by serving in the United States Army; he reflects on the ups and downs of life while giving advice, encouragement and ideas on how to navigate through it successfully. His upcoming project “Life, Love and Relationships” will facilitate this and serve as a guide and inspirational tool to accomplish this. His previous work includes “For His Glory”, “The Winter Classics EP”, “We Live Praise” and “Double Edge Sword” which are available online at all digital outlets.













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