Working on various projects since the turn of the millennium, Juan Manuel Rey has released countless albums chalked full of solid pop rock.


His latest release, “Such a Hard Time,” has the essence of the ’70s with its guitar-driven harmonies led Juan Manuel Rey rock vocals. It is just the latest in his long line of releases. From his debut, De Mares y Desiertos to Tripulaciones de Diversos Colores. He’s impressed along the way. Having played everywhere in South America from Buenos Aires to San Luis. He’s even taken home Clouzine International Music Awards as well as Akademia Music Awards.


This hardworking artist knows that all would not be possible without putting in the effort. He notes, “There are a lot of sacrifices,” adding, “I’m always thinking about how to improve and be as professional as possible.”


Currently, Juan Manuel Rey is working on his next album. If it’s anything like his previous releases, more awards should be on the way. As he is always one to push himself further and further towards perfection which is a lesson he loves to showcase in his music. He says, “The idea of these songs is to give a positive and encouraging message. It’s good to know where that pain comes from to be able to transform it into something positive; ‘what does not kill you makes you stronger.”


Fans of everyone from The Rolling Stones to Prince should stay on the lookout for Juan Manuel Rey’s next release, coming soon.


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