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Living Waters started as a house music ministry group at a retreat center in MA in 1976. In imitation of Lighthouse in Ann Arbor it expanded to a full production with dance, drama, lighting and sound production. Travelling in a converted bus LW played in at least 8 states, including Yankee Stadium, the World Marriage Encounter Convention, Hartford Civic Center and more. Over the decades they developed a very unique Christian rock style that has been described as “uplifting” and “inspirational”.



There were many highlights: the song “Peter the Rock” was presented to and blessed by Pope John Paul II at the hands of Ambassador Ray Flynn. Living Waters played and sang with Dana and John Michael Talbot. Eventually, the group became a faith family, many members marrying other members in the group & having a lot of talented kids.



Now, the band continues to meet and pray together. Over recent years LW has achieved amazing success on the Internet. The band has been featured on Windows Media and the ReverbNation main page. After four decades of continuous existence as a band, they have achieved their long-term goal of a digital album release, “Refresh” on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other sites. There is also a collection of Christmas classics entitled “The Joy” that is pouring out to refresh hearts and souls.



And in 2015, a brand new two-song EP, “Alive Again”, is out on major outlets and attracting major attention.



In 2016, a collection of recent work entitled “Still Flowing” was released.










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