Los Vertigos - I’m Shakin’

Los Vertigos – I’m Shakin’







Artist Name:  Los Vertigos



Song Title:  I’m Shakin’


















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Los Vertigos will make fans move their feet with the brand new song entitled ‘I’m Shakin.’’



Serving Texas and the global marketplace since 2006, according to the Houston Chronicle,” Los Vertigos will make your head spin and knock you off balance with their revivalist blues-rock and neo-soul.”



These Night Moves Magazine Music Award winners perform the deep cuts as well as the infectious hits from the Great American (and British) Songbook.



Fronted by the Ross Brothers; “Snake Bite” and “Road Rash” (who happen to be identical twins), Los Vertigos are a band for all occasions and for all ages.



Eclectic yet entertaining, Los Vertigos provide their clients with the music of their lifetime but with a “Texas-centric” point of view. After experiencing this unique ensemble of well-seasoned musicians, one soon realizes that this ain’t your grandma’s “bar band.”






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