Malea – Hero

Malea – Hero







Artist name – Malea


Song Title – Hero


Release date: January 24th 2019


Genre: Pop






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Born in Ft. Hood, Texas, and currently based in Los Angeles, musician Malea is of Korean and Irish descent.


As a child, she spent several years living in Korea, as well as growing up with her Grandparents in Long Island, New York.

Being exposed to different cultures from such a young age helped Malea develop awareness and empathy, which have fueled her passion to stand up for causes like animal rights, the environment, and politics.

Malea is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music. After moving to Los Angeles, Malea’s career took a new direction as a recording artist.


Her previous EP “Swept Away” was met with critical and listener acclaim, while her songs “Give” spent ten straight weeks and “One Hot Mess” went to number one on Billboard.


Throughout Los Angeles musician Malea’s career, she’s displayed creativity, technical artistry, and passion.

Her latest endeavor, the music video for her latest single “HERO” remains on brand giving fans a visually thrilling look into the heroes involved in the causes Malea fights for and believes in.


“HERO” transcends music videos and is a movement unto itself, bringing viewers to tears while moving them to action to change the world.


Stirring images from “HERO” depict protesters at Standing Rock joining hands to form a protective barrier to protect their lands and veterans in the Wounded Warrior Project proudly competing in a cycling race with prosthesis and modified wheelchairs.


We also see volunteers providing water to victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as well as Representative Ted Lieu exposing the deplorable treatment of detained migrant children in his “The Statue of Liberty would be Crying” speech.


The video also showcases women with protest signs marching shoulder to shoulder at the Women’s March.


It is a statement to what is gripping our society currently, and Malea plays the true role of an artist, calling out to the people.


“In these trying times, there are not many heroes to look up to. This song is an ode to those individuals in our lives and around us who make large impacts in the world. The extraordinary in the ordinary things people do.


It is a tribute to the power of hope, life, and love and the heights that humanity can ascend to.


Looking forward to the heroes of the future,” says Malea.


“HERO” was shot on the site of the Woolsey Fires in Malibu and Downtown Los Angeles.


Derek Weissbien directed and Malea produced.


Production on the video was completed by a fully female crew.


Sarah Phillips was the Director of Photography, 1st AC was Nacia Schreiner and Gabby Galarza was Camera PA.


Grip and electric by Olivia Riportella…


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