Ray Ligaya (stage name: Mansuki) is a 25 year old Canadian singer/songwriter and entertainer. He was born in Mississauga, Ontario and raised in Windsor, Ontario. Ligaya has attracted over 1.5 million followers which continues to rise. His popularity increased on the Vine app through his comical videos where he posts simultaneously onto all the other social media platforms. To date, Ligaya has 1.5m followers on Vine, over 300K on Facebook, over 16K on Twitter, 70K on Instagram and 40K on YouTube. Throughout his social media career, Ligaya has attained more than 700m views. Ligaya is also signed to Viral Nation where he collaborates with famous athletes, celebrities and influencers. Ray uses his social media outlets for potential endorsements and marketing/advertising opportunities. His talent, networks and following will be used to launch his professional career as the musical artist Mansuki. He envisions his music to be at the forefront of a fresh sound. This new sound has trap beats with singing vocals and catchy choruses that will surely keep on playing in your mind. His lyrics are mostly about current times and events in today’s world with an emphasis on western culture, which will reach radio, TV and social media internationally. Ligaya aims to captivate his audience both musically and visually. Being of Filipino descent, Ray is determined to be the first lone Pinoy artist to hit the number one spot on the charts.
















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