Marianne Nowottny and Her All American Band

Marianne Nowottny and Her All American Band




Marianne Nowottny and Her All American Band



Abaton Book Company is pleased to announce the release of Studio Recordings 2008-2018 by Marianne Nowottny and Her All American Band, featuring Stirling Krusing (Flaming Fire), Mark Dagley (Hi Sheriffs, Girls) and several guest musicians.



This CD documents ten years of studio recordings by the trio, which will delight those who hunger for primitive electro beats, low budget keyboards, spacey synthesizers and Nowottny’s inimitable vocal prowess. Eleven previously unreleased tracks cycle through various musical stylings: Country-Pop, Classic Rock, retro piano ballads and a richly orchestrated torch song. Also included are three tracks (one sung in German) that were released as a 7” on the UK label Sad Gnome Recordings.



Ms. Nowottny came to the attention of New York’s avant-garde music and art circles in 1998, at the age of sixteen, with the release of Afraid of Me, described as “one of the most astonishing debuts ever” by NYPress. Over the past two decades she has worked with Feeding Tube Records, Camera Obscura, Foxy Digitalis, Barl Fire, Sloow Tapes, Celestial Jars, and Siren Wire, as well as her home label, Abaton Book Company. She has garnered additional glowing reviews in such publications as WIRE, The New York Times, Plan B and Signal to Noise.




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