Rock and blues singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marwan Maurice has just released a new single on iTunes titled “I Can’t.” The track captures the classic sounds that fans of Rock, Blues, Rockabilly, and Folk music will appreciate. The song is based on a true story written about a rocky relationship involving a man and a woman. She ends up leaving him feeling that he was no longer ‘good enough’ for her. After venturing through life without him, she comes to the realization that the man who was once not substantial in her eyes was actually the best thing she could have ever asked for. She then attempts to get him back into her life but unfortunately, his feelings may have changed making her attempts just a tad bit too late. Marwan Maurice’s vocals bring depth to his lyrics about circumstances and emotions everyone goes through. You can sample and buy “I Can’t” on iTunes here: iTunes


This single is the third release to his upcoming EP “Black Smoke” which will be released independently on iTunes mid-summer. Its stomping, sultry groove embodies the likes of The Black Keys, John Lee Hooker, Bruce Cockburn, Imagine Dragons and The Roots. The project has been produced by Christopher Gill and Gavin Shea of Nashville based company, HandMade Productions. Marwan Maurice is currently building a promoted and self-funded tour for ‘Black Smoke’ to soo­­n confirm that he is one of the best new independent singers performing today. A rich blend of blues, soul and roots-rock that will astound the casual listener while rewarding Marwan Maurice’s longtime fans, dubbing his music a masterpiece of modern blues and rock fusion.








Marwan Maurice Promo clip:



I Can’t:



“Grenade” by Bruno Mars (One Man Band Cover):












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