Mina Alali just released her single “Like Boom” to start off the year 2018. It features the California-based Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO) & an up and coming DJ producer Bennefik. It is distributed in iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets. Recently, she has been active on social media with 3-day challenges of popular artist covers. Last year, her album, “Something About Her,” was released in April 2017 after her tester EP received favorable reviews from radio and press. “Something About Her” is exclusively distributed by Select-O-Hits. The title track “Something About Her,” gained the #7 position on the Billboard Hot Single Sales Chart on the May 27, 2017 edition, and stayed on the charts for five consecutive weeks, its highest placement at #4. She is also currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

The title track, “Something About Her,” has been performed on a few of television shows. Her previously-released single and music video, “22 Cents Less,” is a danceable pop song with a strong positive message about overcoming the gender wage gap. It received recognition from California Women Lawyers, KCRA3 Sacramento, KYMA Arizona, Boston Globe and other publications across the country and in United Kingdom. The song charted in Top 30 in several radio stations across the country, and was promoted on a billboard in NYC’s Times Square for one week.

She followed it up with another single and music video, “No Lovin’ Me“, a bluesy pop song with a swing beat that talks about a woman’s independence. Both singles were included in the EP that was only released to radio and the press. Mina released a bonus single for the holidays entitled “”What I Want“, which sings about not wanting material gifts but rather a “feeling of calm and peace” and unity.

Mina went on a 12 show tour over the summer of 2017 with her band, performing all over California, including Folsom, San Diego, and Malibu, and ending it in her hometown of Davis, California.

Mina is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and her music is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and minaalali.com.



Mina Alali was born in Connecticut, but at a young age moved to Davis, California where she was raised. Mina has always had a passion for music and the arts. At six-years-old she began classical piano lessons and at eight-years-old, she began musical theatre at Davis’ local theatre company. She continued with theatre until age twelve and in one of the shows, “Seussical the Musical,” met three other girls her age, and formed and managed an all-girl acapella singing group called “The 4 Harmonies.”

Over the course of two years, The 4 Harmonies sang the National Anthem at various events such as Fourth of July Celebrations, an NBA Sacramento Kings Game, and the Amgen Tour of California. It was through this group that she found an interest in sound recording and producing. After the group split up, Mina took up a solo career of recording covers of popular songs in her room with a small studio she set up herself. She also participated in a junior high choir, and eventually in a high school Jazz Choir.

At 15 years-old, Mina landed her own radio show called “Dynamics” at Davis’ local radio station, KDRT. The show consisted of DJing and playing her favorite songs in the RnB, Soul, and Alternative genres, as well as occasional interviews with local musicians. Dynamics continued for one year, after which Mina left to study abroad in France. There, she continued practicing piano and recording on her host father’s Mac Laptop.

Upon her return, Mina began taking pop/RnB vocal lessons from her vocal coach, David James, who encouraged her to start writing original music. Less than a year later, her debut album, “Unique” was released, including seven original songs and one cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.”

Mina took two months after high school to study the music and language of Iran, her father’s country of origin. In Iran, she took classical Persian voice lessons under Solmaz Badri. It was also in Iran that Mina learned of her acceptance to Berklee College of Music.

In the summer of 2016, after her first semester at Berklee, Mina returned to California where she continued writing, recording, and producing new original songs including a newly released single and music video, “Carnival Girl,” an emotional song about a young girl’s struggle with addiction. Carnival Girl received local recognition from KCRA3, the Davis Enterprise, the Daily Democrat, and Good Day Sacramento where she performed two of her original songs live.

Around this time, Mina met Arlene Mordeno (songwriter and indie label) with whom she has since worked to produce an upcoming album, writing multiple original songs.








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