Maurice Gatling, better known as Moe Gatz to his family and fans, is a longtime resident of Washington, D.C. His love of music stems from his days as a percussionist for the Junk Yard Band, a popular Washington, D.C. musical group that performs Go Go songs, which is a subgenre of funk music that originated in D.C. After leaving that group, Moe’s passion for poetry and rapping abilities steered him towards hip hop music. During the spring of 2014, Moe’s demo was submitted to an A&R executive at We Rollin’ Records. The executive, as well as We Rollin’ Records’ owner, Sharon Ford, were so captivated by his demo that the owner later invited Moe to Atlanta to be featured on a track with one of her other artists being produced by music producer, Don Vito. Vito, an Atlanta based mega producer who’s credited with hits for recording artists such as: Nelly, Ciara, Bow Wow, and others, also produced the 2010 theme track for the Soul Train Awards red carpet event. Vito was the co-star of the 2013 hit reality show, The Kandi Factory.


After accepting Sharon’s invitation to work with Vito in Atlanta, Moe said the experience far exceeded his expectation. At that moment, he knew that he wanted to be on the label. While Moe was waiting patiently for We Rollin’ Records to work exclusively with him, he continued to perfect his skills by writing and composing tracks in his home studio for the next three years.


In 2017, We Rollin’ Records was ready to focus its attention on Moe. By that time, he was musically developed and ready to record his first two debut singles produced by Vito entitled, “Pockets On E” and “Okay”. “Pockets on E” is a track Moe wrote about people not living up to their full potential for success. “Okay” is a track about the people who’ve supported Moe and it displays a plethora of positive messages that definitely doesn’t lack substance. Moe’s flare and style are rare, which capture the essence of his messages that are embodied in his flow. He writes his own lyrics and life’s challenges are his inspiration. Moe’s concert performances include local night clubs throughout the Washington, D.C. area. Some of Moe’s musical influences are: Tupac, DMX and Biggie Smalls.


Moe says he’s definitely ready to make his mark in music and he’s beginning with the release of his forthcoming debut singles in spring 2018.


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