Your Name Above All Names - Rick Santana

Your Name Above All Names – Rick Santana




Elaborate on your music career.




Enrique “Rick “ Santana



My name is Enrique Santana but everyone calls me Rick.  I was born in Chicago in 1964.  Moved to Puerto Rico in 1970 and lived there for 7 years when I returned back to Chicago in 1977.  I attended Roberto Clemente HS where I came to be part of our Folkloric Dance group and also became a member of our HS band which is when I started to write songs.




I am a singer songwriter since I was a teenager.  I have always had a dream of recording my songs and have participated in contests such as the Hispanic Star Search in Chicago.  I have also been featured as a talent in a music show in the 90s based in Chicago called Salsa, Dip and Chip, performing one of my original songs titled “Spanish Eyes”.   I moved to Tampa Florida in 2007 and have been here since.  I am part of the worship team at my church “Victory Worship Center” in Plant City, Florida.




I am also a Registered Nurse and work at Moffitt Cancer Center where I have been a hematology oncology nurse for 11 years since I moved to Tampa in 2007.  Once in a while, I will go up to the in-patient floors in the hospital and play my guitar and sing my songs to our patients.   I love sharing the gospel by reading the bible, praying with them and singing my worship song to and with my patients so that they can be encouraged and be blessed.




Recently I have decided that instead of paying a producer, that I would learn how to produce and record my own songs.   I have always had a dream of creating and composing my music and decided to jump into the deep and I am trusting God to take me where he wants me to be.


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