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This project started in 2013, with my first EP “Watching The Stars”. It all began when I included Sinatra songs in my live set, and was overwhelmed with the audience response, although I know I don’t sound anything like him, I just couldn’t resist writing some songs in that style. Stuart of One Night Stand Music said of “How Are You Today” – Once more another outstanding track, please keep sharing your music with us”.



This encouragement gave me the confidence to continue, so I hired a new arranger and a new producer who were willing to help me experiment with the sound.



In the second EP “Swing Sensation” you can hear that start to happen, but as the lyric states at the end of verse two of “Win Win Win” This race is sealed and signed.



“Win Win Win” is my third EP and I’m certain that we now have the musical signature that is Ronald Simone, which is epitomised in the title track. The lush backing vocals blended with a jazz pop vibe make listeners sit up and take notice and the excitement is tangible. I signed my first contract with Joey Welz of Canadian American Records in 2013 and have since had interest from several sync licensing companies, but it’s this EP that’s ready for radio. The Next EP Coming Soon is “Time”.


















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