New York City’s fifth borough Staten Island, home of talented artists such as The Wu-tang clan, Christine Aguilera, Force MD’s, Eamon, Frankee, and Jennifer Arroyo. Now comes SamiJay, a talented duo ready to bring their music to the world. Executive producer Robert Young states the group’s sounds and vocals remind him of the talented Amy Winehouse.


Samijay is a songwriting and production duo who became friends while working at a music studio. Members Julia Aponte (Julia Solo) and Samantha Frank (Sami Jo) combine to bring you some amazing music.


Audiences will be amazed by the musicianship talents of Julia Solo who plays guitar, piano, drums, and bass. Combined with her songwriting and singing partner Sami Jo, who is compared to her early influences, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, and Anita O’Day. Samijay’s album, Melodies in My Head, will be released this year on J&R Entertainment.


While working for a studio Sami Jo and Julia Solo became aware of their talents, when Julia Solo presented Sami Jo with an original track she had been working on. Within the hour, a song was written by Sami Jo, recorded, and these two talents realized how great they work together. Five songs collaborating, the ladies decided it’s time to share their creations and talents with the world. The birth of Samijay. These original recordings will be on the upcoming album Melodies in My head.


What can be said about Samijay is that they are creative and talented. The entertainment world will embrace this young new talent. Samijay is destined for stardom.












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