Sempre Caoz is back with a new production: the EP “Still Alive”. The combination of guitar, bass, drums and vocals breaks new ground with dirty and powerful sounds, Sempre Caoz lives up to the band name. However, windy retro sounds are foreign to that guys’ nature. The dirty but authentic guitar riffs and the harsh vocal sounds are the reasons for that tremendous power on stage.


These tremendous energies have already unloaded in Austria and Italy to an enthusiastic audience. Sempre Caoz proved their skills already on the greater and smaller stages. They look back with pride on their settings and releases since 2010. Not least they had the honor to rock with bands like TruckFighters, Seether, Alexs Clare, White Miles and Krautschädl at concerts and festivals. To assure yourself of the power and strength of the messy rock ’n’ roll, you will find tour dates and news on their











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