Steve Obando – Shattered Glass






Steve Obando - Shattered Glass

Steve Obando – Shattered Glass





Steve Obando – Shattered Glass


Steve Obando (Esteban Obando) was born in Bogota, Colombia to a musical family. His father is a guitarist and sound engineer and his mother is a gifted singer. From a young age he was exposed to a wide variety of different music ranging from classical guitar music to the hit music of the day. Steve began piano lessons at the age of four and quickly showed promise. Because of the turmoil in Colombia during the 90s, Steves family decided to relocate first to Orlando and then to Montreal, Canada where they eventually settled. Growing up in Montreal, a cosmopolitan, bilingual city, Steve was exposed to all sorts of music and culture from an early age. When he was 12, his father bought Steve his first electric guitar, a white fender Stratocaster that helped to fuel his burgeoning passion for rock n roll. It wasn’t long before Steve started recruiting fellow schoolmates to form their own band with Steve on guitar and lead vocals.


During his teenage years, Steve was constantly performing with his band at different events, writing and recording music. During this time, Steve played keys at famed Montreal Jazz club Upstairs and recorded an EP with critically acclaimed heavy metal producer Kevin Jardine (Run DMC, Slaves on Dope). Furthermore, he also cultivated his interests in classical and jazz piano, performing at several concerts and events and landing a spot as the pianist for the Montreal All City Big Band. After winning first prize at the Quebec youth jazz festival, Steve went on to perform at the 2011 rendition of the Montreal Jazz festival with the Montreal All City Big Band. After graduating high school, Steve went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he graduated magna cum laude after four years with a dual major in Commercial Writing/production and piano performance as well as a minor in Latin music studies. After graduating, Steve moved to Los Angeles to further his career and lost no time in writing and recording demos of his songs to showcase. He quickly caught the attention of record executives Oscar Llord and Joe Granda who have been guiding his career ever since. Earlier this year, Steve released his first single Babylon originally written by David Gray and produced by Grammy-award winning producer Sebastian Kryss to great popular acclaim. Steve is currently writing/recording material with producers Jordan Baum and Mike Mac for an upcoming EP, which is scheduled for release in the spring of 2019. Steve also performs regularly with his band and has performed at notable L.A. venues such as the Mint, Pour Vous, Bar Lubitsch, the Study, Genghis Cohen, Hotel Caf, Mar Vista Art Walk etc. Steves music is an eclectic mix of guitar driven power pop with a sprinkling of soulful Stapletonesque ballads and out of left field 70s Elton John rhythm and blues all brought home by Steve powerful and emotional vocals.








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