TAG – Olivia’s Island

TAG – Olivia’s Island






SONG TITLE:  Olivia’s Island



RELEASE DATE: June 21, 2019















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TEACHER. ARTIST. GAY. TAG is a 23-year-old talent from Philadelphia, PA.



Just recently she’s finished recording her first album at a local up-and-coming Breed Studios.



This artist prides herself on her daily involvement working with children, either in the classroom or volunteer work.



The artist has also chosen to be transparent about other aspects of her life, “Yes, I am gay, queer, all the above. I don’t want to be branded with a rainbow or anything. I just know it’s important for myself and people that look like me to feel seen and have songs written for and about them.”



TAG has a classical background playing the violin for many years.



She’s created a band and pursued a jazz career, all leading to this enduring point in her sound-discovery.



Elaborate on the song.

TAG shares:

“A beautiful YouTube family (Team2Moms) that my partner and I follow, made a video reacting to Anti-Gay Ads.



I personally identify with this couple as they represent a bi-racial, same-sex relationship – which I’m currently in.



So, in the video, after watching a few clips, they commented by referencing their daughter in saying, ‘Olivia’s dream is to live on an island – I think it’s time for us to go there.’ And immediately I heard the title, the song was written later that week.”



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Already TAG has released two singles from her much-anticipated album, an original “Olivia’s Island” and a cover of her idol’s “Kiss Me on My Neck” by the incredible Erykah Badu.



She’s shared that there’s another special cover on the album that she’s excited to share with the world, along with five more timeless originals. The album is due for release early 2020, but the artist hints at another single coming before then!




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Thank you so much to everyone that’s enjoying and sharing my music. I’m so grateful to have your support. This will be my first released album and I can’t wait for you to hear it!



Discuss your next project.

TAG’s first album is due for release in early 2020. It consists of six originals and two cover songs. The title has yet to be released.




Olivia’s Island

Dreamt up an idea for us

We’re not going to work because

Time’s moving too fast these days

I’ll take you where moments have delays

And where the air out there will blow your stress away



Next stop, Next stop

Olivia’s Island

That’s where I feel the livest

Next stop, Next stop

Olivia’s Island

Where the peak of our love is the highest

Next stop



The warm water will greet your feet

The sun shining will bless the scene

And I’ll have you to myself

Here there ain’t no need for wealth, cause I got something else

What I have to give, you’ll want to relive, girl there ain’t no place much better than this





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