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Soko7 – Moola

    ARTIST NAME: Soko7   SONG TITLE: Moola   RELEASE DATE: 2/13/2020   GENRE: Hip-Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Amazon   Spotify   Deezer   Tell us how to refine a demo to a mastered song. For me, the main difference from demos to finished songs […]

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Eminem + Juice WRLD – Godzilla

    Artist Name:  Eminem + Juice WRLD   Song Title:  Godzilla   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Deezer   Apple Music   iTunes   Amazon   Spotify   Eminem is back again with a high-class music video for the song entitled ‘Godzilla’ featuring Juice WRLD.   His delivery of words is […]


D-Terence – You Know What I Mean

    ARTIST NAME: D-Terence   SONG TITLE: You Know What I Mean   RELEASE DATE: 31.01.2020   GENRE: Rap/Hip-Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Deezer   Spotify   Website   Discuss your music career. D-Terence – I am a Cameroonian Hip Hop, Afrobeat, and R&B artist, currently based in Stuttgart, […]


Born Soul – Italy

    ARTIST NAME: Born Soul   SONG TITLE: Italy   ALBUM TITLE: BadLandz   RELEASE DATE: 1/10/2020   GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Apple Music   Deezer   Spotify   Website     Born Soul, from Austin, Texas, came into the music industry headfirst as a […]


Alex Veach – Hideout

                      Artist Name:  Alex Veach + Wiz Khalifa   Song Title:  Hideout   Website   Facebook   Instagram   Spotify   Apple Music   iTunes   Deezer   Alex Veach is a Los Angeles based emerging hip hop artist and composer. While media has made […]


Ms Banks – Bad B Bop

                        Artist Name:  Ms Banks   Song Title:  Bad B Bop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Deezer   Spotify   Ms Banks proves to be one of the finest female rappers in the song entitled ‘Bad B […]


Donn Chii – Chocolate Lemonade

                      Artist Name:  Donn Chii   Song Title:  Chocolate Lemonade   Release Date:  10/18/2019   Website   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Spotify   Amazon   Apple Music   iTunes   After years as a bassist and guitarist in bands in the Dallas area, […]

WorkSender Music Blog

Travis Thompson

                      Artist Name:  Travis Thompson   Song Title: Reckless Endangerment   Twitter   Instagram   Facebook   Spotify   iTunes   Apple Music   Amazon   Travis Thompson brings to light a surprising music video for the song entitled ‘Reckless Endangerment.’   The concept of […]

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