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Michael Barrow & The Tourists

    Michael Barrow & The Tourists   Artist Name:  Michael Barrow & The Tourists   Song Title:  Something New   Website   Facebook   Instagram   Twitter   Apple Music   Deezer   Spotify   Michael Barrow & The Tourists drop a new EP featuring male vocals with diverse instrumentation pleasing to the ears. […]


Francesco Luz – Plastic Guru

        ARTIST NAME:  Francesco Luz     SONG TITLE:  Plastic Guru     ALBUM TITLE: Extraordinary Men     RELEASE DATE: November 1st, 2019     GENRE: Rock, Pop     Website     Facebook     Instagram     Apple Music     iTunes     Amazon     Spotify   […]


Jane N’ The Jungle

        ARTIST NAME:  Jane N’ The Jungle     SONG TITLE:  Beach on Fire     ALBUM TITLE: Concrete Jungle     RELEASE DATE: 9/13/19     GENRE:  Alternative Rock     Website     Facebook     Twitter     Instagram     Apple Music     iTunes     Amazon […]


Third Lung – Meet the Sky

        Artist Name:  Third Lung     Song Title:  Meet the Sky     Genre:  Alt Rock, Rock, Indie     Released On 18/10/19     Written by Camilla Jurasek and Tom Farrelly     Performed by THIRD LUNG     Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Michael Smith     Mastered at […]


Stones in Pockets – Go Angry

        Artist Name:  Stones in Pockets     Song Title:  Go Angry     Facebook     Website     Twitter     Instagram     Spotify     Amazon     Deezer     Apple Music     iTunes     Bandcamp     Stones in Pockets uncovers a brand-new song […]


WD-HAN – Summertime Star

        ARTIST NAME: WD-HAN     SONG TITLE:  Summertime Star Sign     RELEASE DATE: 11/1/19     GENRE: Rock, Pop Rock     Facebook     Twitter     Instagram     Apple Music     iTunes     Spotify     Amazon     Reverbnation     Website     […]


Indigo Waves – Jerry Whiner

        ARTIST NAME: Indigo Waves     SONG TITLE:  Jerry Whiner     RELEASE DATE: 09/12/2019     GENRE: Indie Rock / Bedroom Pop     Facebook     Twitter     Instagram     Apple Music     iTunes     Spotify     Amazon     Share your biography or […]

WorkSender Music Blog

Boombox Poets – Mirror

                      Artist Name: Boombox Poets   Song Title – Mirror   Facebook   Twitter   Spotify   Reverbnation   Apple Music   iTunes   Boombox Poets inspire with the narrative video of the song entitled ‘Mirror.’   ‘Mirror’ is an amalgam of rock with hip-hop. […]


Revengine – Eol

. . . .     Artist Name – Revengine   Song Title – Eol   Genre – Rock   Spotify   Instagram   Facebook   Apple Music   iTunes   Website   Playlist – Submit Music   Playlist – Music Mix   From their music’s most beautiful emotion to their roughest, Revengine can scratch […]

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