Tauro Iovino®, is among the most diligent writers of Italian light music since the 80s. He wrote his first song in 1983. Born and lived in Naples, a few steps from the home of tenor Enrico Caruso. Author of lyrics, composer and singing enthusiast, he wrote his first verses in 1983 at 13, inspired by the early beginnings of Eros Ramazzotti. He loves different genres like Pop, Pop Rock, Soul, Blues since adolescence. In 1989 he enrolled in the S.I.A.E. where at the end of the two exams, he was applauded by the examiners who called him “jet lyricist”. In 1989 he took part in the singing contest “Una voce per l’Europa”, where he was among the first finalists. From 1989 he stayed behind the scenes, writing and composing for other artists. In 1995 he formed his first band “Cupido Jazz”, a name created by Tauro, but the name was not relevant to the genre Pop they produced. And so, again by choice of Tauro, the band changes the name to “Just for Two”. The strong determination of Tauro led him to get noticed by well-known record companies in the Italian and foreign music scene and in November 2016 he signed a recording contract with Top Records in Milan and an editorial contract with Dingo Music. On January 15, 2018, his new single “Life is one, be happy”, a song that exhorts to happiness and published in world premiere.
















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