The garage /hard rock band The fundaMentals are loud, obnoxious, and fun. And that’s what real rock and roll was meant to be, wasn’t it? The The fundaMentals bring enough volume, attitude, and humor to make you rock out with your mock out.
The fundaMentals were formed in 2008 by The Icon (guitar, lead vocals) and Danger Dan Goodnight (lead guitar), and joined along the way from various homeless shelters and halfway houses by Sir Chas House (bass), Big Hoss (keyboards, vocals) and John “The Hammer” Marnie (drums, vocals), in ‘The Elephant Graveyard of America’, Port Charlotte FL, where old things go to die. Deported from various states of this fine land, a higher authority brought this mix of personalities rarely seen outside of a federal correctional facility together to deliver the festival of rock and roll whoopass the world desperately needs in these dark days.
The fundaMentals new EP, “Full ‘Mental Jacket” brings you 6 tracks of their unique brand of trashcan rock, a sonic pipebomb-in-the-poop-chute, a full-throttle rock and roll foot in the wazoo from a band that lives for the adrenaline rush that playing it brings.











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