ARTIST NAME: The Silvers


SONG TITLE: “Watch Out!”




DATE OF RELEASE: March 2017.


GENRE: Pop/Rock genre.












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Throughout the 70s, the band Silver Laughter made a name for themselves by writing catchy, hook laden rock songs with more than a hint of Beatles influence and by touring extensively throughout the United States and Canada. In their prime, tracks from the band’s two critically acclaimed albums and numerous singles could be heard on radio stations across the nation. Sadly, as the 70s drew to a close, the laughter stopped as the group disbanded. In the years that followed, the band has been remembered and celebrated for their wonderful music. 2014 saw a Silver Laughter reunion when the band was inducted into the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Their albums and singles have become sought after collectibles, and the band’s amazing catalog of music was reissued on a German label in 2015 by New Music/Green Tree on both CD and vinyl. Getting up on stage again for the Silver Laughter reunion re-ignited the fires of inspiration in bassist / vocalist / songwriter Mick Orton. Together with musicians Tom Kelley and Ricky Zero, Mick has begun a new chapter in his musical journey with his new band The Silvers! Not long after releasing their first CD single, “Running Away”/”Nothing Really Matters”, which also became their first animated video, drummer Glenn Stone joined the band. Within just a few short months, the guys have already assembled an impressive collection of songs that would fill close to two albums and are coming up with new material constantly! Their first album, “After The Laughter”, was released in March of 2016. Most recently, their second animated video of the song, “No More (This Time I Mean It)” was also released on YouTube March 1, 2016. Their first EP of 6 new songs called “End Of Summer” was released on August 31, 2016 along with their third video called “Just Fooling Around”. The fun doesn’t stop there. The Silvers finished their second album, “PLAY!” in March of 2017 with producer, Drew Youngs, a NEW 14 song album. In September of 2017, Drew Youngs replaced Ricky Zero in THE SILVERS who released a 7 song EP called “Another Summer”. They have also been chosen by people associated with “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” to be featured in a kids’ cartoon series called SILVERS which should be released in 2018! Be sure and watch for more news about this group of musicians on their Website! And watch for animated music videos on their YouTube channel:




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