“It started as a solo project” says founder, Lauren Elizabeth, “just a recreational and part time thing.”


As more opportunities arose it became obvious that this up and coming hard rock group from NW Arkansas was gaining an audience and being taken seriously. The solo project transformed into a band. Taking on the name Theody, they continued to share hope through lyrically driven songs that are relatable to any age group.


Delivering a highly charged rock motif, Theody has toured the country multiple times in just a short span of 4 years. They have shared the stage with Decyfer Down, Children 18:3, Project 86, Rival Choir, Nothing Left and many more. But their true hope is to share more than just a stage—.   Theody offers a unique approach, backed by the power of their faith and testimony that inspires any who hear them.


The musical history of Theody is also impressive, releasing their debut, self-titled album in July of 2014. It was well received and was quickly followed by their rendition of the Christmas hymn “Oh Come Emmanuel” as a single in December 2014. In early 2016 the band released a single “Define the Relationship” as they launched their crowd funding campaign for their sophomore album that was released March 2016. They just released a new project titled “Prelude”, that brings more heartfelt melodies and intense energy that Theody has become known for.


But if you really want to know what this band is all about, ask the band members, Lauren, Charles, and Chad about the connection they are forming with their rapidly growing fan base. This is not just another chart chaser; Theody brings energy with convicting voice to every project and concert.




Facebook: theodyband


Instagram: @theodyband


Twitter: @theodyband


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