Third Lung – Meet the Sky

Third Lung – Meet the Sky



Artist Name:  Third Lung



Song Title:  Meet the Sky



Genre:  Alt Rock, Rock, Indie



Released On 18/10/19



Written by Camilla Jurasek and Tom Farrelly



Performed by THIRD LUNG



Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Michael Smith



Mastered at Metropolis Studios



Filmed and Edited by Lydia Victoria King


















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Third Lung releases the music video for the song entitled ‘Meet the Sky.’



The four-piece band is made up of Tom Farrelly, Camilla Jurasek, Rob Jacques, Sam Waugh…



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THIRD LUNG, a band more and more people are getting familiar with, following a continuous run of gigs across the UK in 2019. Including performances at The Great Escape and Camden Rocks Festival.



The band have been shown huge support from Classic Rock Magazine who described it as “A mix of crunchy grunge-laced chops, atmospheric harmonies and contemporary production qualities that drive the soaring, pensive qualities of the Reading-based rockers.”




The band’s previous releases, tracks such as ‘Breaking Late’, ‘Speak your Mind’ ‘Sister Sinner’ and ‘Sooner or Later’ have been heard on Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 6 show, Amazing Radio as well as BBC INTRO in Berkshire. Their new single ‘Meet the Sky’ released on the 18th of October 2019.




THIRD LUNG are powerful and passionate. Emotive and explosive. Their sound is gritty yet atmospheric. The heavily textured guitar sounds coupled with expressive vocals often lyrically focusing on psychological, personal and sociological themes.




The bands’ rhythm section is driving, heavily groove-based with an untamed improvisational edge. Third Lung are a band you must experience.



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‘Meet the Sky’ is about connection. Our connection to one another, to love, to loss. To remembering those moments that change and define us. Those moments where we can elevate ourselves above the day to day and float in our shared experience.



The song pays tribute and is dedicated to the loving memory of our Sister Charlotte Wears.



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Remember where we both stand. We’ll make it back.




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Remember where we both stand

We’ll make it back here in no time

Fight your way through the crowd

Straight up our hands meet the sky



Singing words you’d never say

Still, feel the shade in your shadow

I’ll follow your lead

Green hazel eyes show where Soul Waters flow



Straight up our hands meet the sky



Breathing in galaxies

Eclipsing the moon with my thumb

Dancing into the earth

Only a dream we’d do all we’ve done

I’m in love with your silhouette

Tell me where will you be tomorrow



Straight up our hands meet the sky



Meet the sky




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