WD-HAN - Summertime Star Sign

WD-HAN – Summertime Star Sign






SONG TITLE:  Summertime Star Sign






GENRE: Rock, Pop Rock












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Tampa Bay natives WD-HAN embrace a new era with the release of their latest single “Summertime Star Sign”, a message from the band to those who have been loved and lost and what could have been said before it was too late.



In connection with the meaning of “Summertime Star Sign”, WD-HAN is partnering with local non-profit Women With Purpose, an organization committed to helping families currently fighting breast cancer, providing non-medical financial assistance.



In the name of their current campaign, #GiveWhereYouLive, WD-HAN will be donating a percentage of merchandise revenue throughout November to the organization.




WD-HAN is a three-piece rock band from Tampa Bay, Florida.



The diversity of WD-HAN’s sound is a genre-bending gamut of pop beats and synth sounds with gritty, soulful vocals and blues-inspired guitar hooks resulting in unapologetic anthems like “The Greatest” and “Monkey” appearing in a deep catalog supported by more than a decade worth of performances throughout the South.



The band’s debut album, Kings of Castles was followed by their 2018 EP Monkey, with new music on the way following the release of “Summertime Star Sign.”



Fans of Young the Giant, the Black Keys and Imagine Dragons won’t need to look any further to discover their new favourite band.



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“Summertime Star Sign” was written in the wake of losing a close friend to cancer and missing an opportunity to see this person one last time.



The finality of that realization was hard-hitting, and I wanted to write a song that was the message I wish I’d been able to give him before he was gone. Obviously, it’s a sad topic, but it was important that the song be a message of hope, of something more after the body is gone.



I hope the song means something to anyone who’s been through the fight or lost someone – bringing them a little joy, a little catharsis with music would be the best thing I can imagine, and a great honour to the friend I lost.



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We have another new single coming on 12/6 entitled Spaceman, which is an unapologetic blues-rock banger about getting out of here before it all goes to hell. We will also be performing at Springboard West Festival in San Diego in January 2020!



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