We Three - Machine

We Three – Machine


Artist Name:  We Three


Song Title:  Machine












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We Three bring to light an amazing video for the song entitled ‘Machine.’


We Three thrill with symphonic-vocals while the powerful instrumentation brings the best out of the song.


The song is catchy while the video is captivating.


The lighting is outstanding, and the colour grading is noteworthy.


The group delights with an impressive performance.


The lyrics are relatable and the songwriting is remarkable.



Cigarettes in the ashtray

And sleeping through the afternoon

Still don’t wanna stay at your place

Cause you always think

I leave too soon

I’m not the type to fit in,

I’m not the type to stand out

I know you wish

I’d see it your way

And there’s days

I wish that I did too

I’m kinda thinking

I should go now

I can feel it heating up

Just thinking bout it gets me nervous

Damn it’s just too hot to touch

I don’t wanna be a part of your x4 machine

I don’t wanna be a part of your x4 machine

I don’t wanna show you my face

Cause you’ll just wanna change it too

From lips to my eyelids



A year after their semi-final on AGT, We Three are working as hard as ever and are thrilled to announce the release of a new EP called “WE’RE ALL MESSED UP…But It’s OK.”


With dramatic visuals, this new record plots the evolving course of these talented siblings with 5 self-penned songs that are saturated in hooks, provocative to the senses and passionate to the core.


The next single taken from the EP is the infectious powerhouse “MACHINE” which was once again mixed by Grammy-winning mixer Ruadhri Cushnan (Ed Sheeran/Coldplay).


Touched by the overwhelming responses from audiences they met on their 35 date National Lifeline Tour, the band wanted a theme for the EP and they chose the difficult issue of suicide as is highlighted by the haunting song ‘SARA’. Their message is simple. Sharing is caring and further illustrates the theme from their last hit ‘Lifeline’ …” We’re just trying to be real…”



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